Invocación is an album that connects the classical guitar tradition to Chopin. Image: Mats Bäcker/White Label Productions

It is now almost a decade since I recorded Invocación, an album based on the idea that the Spanish composer Francisco Tárrega (1852–1909) was deeply influenced by the music of Frederic Chopin. Produced by David Frost, Invocación has proven successful — chosen as Album of the Week by both Classic FM in London and WQXR in New York, and played on radio stations throughout the world. It has now been rereleased by my own label with updated sound and new cover art. I welcome any thoughts and inquiries at

Tárrega is recognized today as a founding composer for the…

Mattias Schulstad performing with Metropolis Ensemble at (Le) Poisson Rouge in New York. Photo: Sasha Popov

Looking back over the past three centuries, what we today consider to be mainstream classical music covers a wide and remarkable range — Bach and the harpsichord, Mozart and the clarinet, Messiaen and the electronic ondes Martenot, and much else. At any given moment during those years, there might not have been big indications of immediate development, but when seen over longer periods of time, a principle of continuous evolution of both style and instrumentation becomes clear. Certainly, immortal musical works and settings remain over time, yet as they are discovered by new generations, they are heard in their current…

Mattias Schulstad

A Swedish classical guitarist who has made recordings, performed as soloist with orchestra, and developed the guitar’s repertoire.

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